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        Company Profile

          As a state holding enterprise “NEW ASIA” was established in 1990 located in Zhengzhou of China, for many years “NEW ASIA” continues to retain leader position in the field of manufacturing high quality Polycrystalline Composites Diamond Cutter (PDC) for oil drilling bits, PCD Wire Drawing Die Blanks, and PCD Tooling Blanks/Inserts in China. Our PDC cutters are successfully sold to worldwide-leading PDC bits producers in North America, West Europe and Russia and all over the world.

        “NEW ASIA” has become one of the most reliable and valuable brand in China superhard material industry, and will continue supporting the development of oil drilling technology and supplying our customers high quality PDC cutters and wire die blanks.

        Our Culture

        Our mission: Focus on customers, Specializing in technology, High-performance Quality, Superior customer service

        Our core values: Work together, Innovation, Win-win

        Our history

        2019 Set up "The 7th Zhengzhou Mayor Quality Award"








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