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                New Asia is currently specialized in manufacturing three categories of products: Polycrystalline Composites Diamond Cutter (PDC), PCD Wire Drawing Die Blanks and PCD Tooling Blanks/Inserts. These are polycrystalline diamond product made under high temperature and ultra-high pressure with different complex technology and materials.



              PCD Cutters


              Diamond Wire Drawing Die Blanks


              PCD Tooling Blanks/Inserts


              Quality Management Ststem Certification

              Since 1998, New Asia obtained the certification of ISO9001, the entire producing process strictly carry through according to ISO, including the raw material inspection, before sintering, sintering, after-sintering processing, chamfering and inspection. To make sure our products quality more stable, uniform, controllable, and traceable.

              New Asia has established R&D Center and QC Department, set up comprehensive and reliable product detecting system, and builds the comprehensive corporate standard higher than the national standard.

              Company Profile

              As a sino-foreign joint enterprise “NEW ASIA” was established in 1990 located in Zhengzhou of China, over a period of 25 years “NEW ASIA” continues to retain leader position in the field of manufacturing high quality Polycrystalline Composites Diamond Cutter (PDC) for oil drilling bits and PCD Wire Drawing Die Blanks in China.

              Contact Us

              Foreign Trade

              Tel: +86-371-67985872

              FaX: +86-371-67983330

              Mail: sales@na-superhard.com

              Add: No.22 Chunlan?Road,?Zhengzhou,?

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